Amarnath Yatra 2024
Amarnath Yatra Medical Hospital List Available 2024 All Over India

COMPULSORY HEALTH CERTIFICATE FOR SHRI AMARNATHJI YATRA 2024 PART A: (TO BE FILLED BY APPLICANT) 1. Name _______________________________S/o;D/o; W/o, _______________________________________ Address _______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Date of Birth ____________________ Identification mark: ___________________ Blood Group:__________ 3. Presentation: Have you experienced or have history of any of the accompanying: a) Breathlessness (Yes No b) Diabetes Yes No c) Respiratory/lung disease Yes No d) High Blood pressure Yes No e) Blood issue Yes No f) Asthma Yes No g) Bleeding propensities Yes No h) Epilepsy Yes No I) Heart infirmity Yes No j) Nervous breakdown Yes No k) Joint Pains Yes No l) High elevation/mountain ailment Yes No m) Discharge from ear Yes No n) History of stroke/loss of motion Yes No o) Are you a smoker Yes No p) Are you pregnant: Yes No (material to female Yatris) q) History of Heart Attack; if indeed, kindly specify______________________________________________ r) History of unexpected passing in relatives; if truly, if you don't mind specify______________________________ s) Any significant injury previously; if truly, if it's not too much trouble specify___________________________________________ t) Any other illness; if truly, it would be ideal if you specify___________________________________________________ u) History of medical procedure; if truly, if it's not too much trouble specify__________________________________________________ v) Are you under any medicine; if truly, kindly specify________________________________________ w) Are you susceptible to medications, nourishments and synthetic substances; if truly, if it's not too much trouble specify___________________________ 4. I thusly announce that the points of interest given above are consistent with the best of my insight and conviction, and nothing has been covered. Date_________ Signature/thumb impression of the Applicant) PART B: (TO BE FILLED BY Authorized MEDICAL AUTHORITY) based on data outfitted by the candidate, nitty gritty assessment and the essential examinations, it is ensured that Mr/Ms/Mrs ___________________________________ is fit to attempt the excursion to the Shri Amarnathji Holy Cave Shrine. Subtleties of a particular test led before giving the authentication: _________________________________ Name of the Doctor__________________________________________________________________________ Designation:___________________ Signature and seal of Authorized Medical Authority Date of issue:__________________ MCI/State Medical Council Registration No:______________

State/UT shrewd List of Doctors/Institutions approved to give Compulsory Health Certificate (for Shri Amarnathji Yatra 2024)
Records are likewise being refreshed as the data is being gotten from separate State Governments
Sr. No    State/UT Name                English Version
1              Andhra Pradesh
2              Arunachal Pardesh
3              Assam
4              Bihar
5              Chhattisgarh
6              Goa
7              Gujarat
8              Haryana
9              Himachal Pradesh
10           Jammu and Kashmir
11           Jharkhand
12           Karnataka
13           Kerala
14           Madhya Pradesh
15           Maharashtra
16           Manipur
17           Meghalaya
18           Mizoram
19           Nagaland
20           Odisha
21           Punjab
22           Rajasthan
23           Sikkim
24           Tamil Nadu
25           Telangana
26           Tripura
27           Uttar Pradesh
28           Uttarakhand
29           West Bengal
30           Andaman and Nicobar Islands
31           Chandigarh
32           Dadra and Nagar Haveli
33           Daman and Diu
34           Delhi
35           Lakshadweep
36           Puduchery
37           Ladakh

Wellbeing Advisory
1.The Pilgrimage to Holy Cave of Shri Amarnathji includes journeying at heights as high as 14000 feet.
2.Yatris may grow High Altitude Sickness with following manifestations: loss of hunger, queasiness, retching, weariness, shortcoming, discombobulation, unsteadiness and trouble in resting, visual debilitation, bladder brokenness, gut brokenness, loss of coordination of developments, loss of motion on one side of the body, progressive loss of cognizance and mental status changes, languor, chest snugness, completion, clog, quick breathing and expanded pulse.
3.If high elevation infection isn't dealt with ideal, it might be deadly very quickly.

Dos for counteraction of High Altitude Sickness
Do plan for the Yatra by accomplishing Physical Fitness – it is fitting to begin a preliminary Morning/Evening stroll, around 4-5 km for every day, in any event a month preceding the Yatra.
Start profound breathing activity and Yoga, especially pranayam for improving oxygen proficiency of the body.
Do check with your doctor preceding heading out to higher rises, in the event that you have any current prior ailments.
Do walk gradually while climbing and set aside some effort to adapt unwind for a brief timeframe on steep slopes.
Do abstain from applying past your typical limit.
Do take necessary rest at different areas and guarantee time logging and take ideal strolling time referenced on the showcase loads up while moving towards next area.
Do check with your doctor before taking any drugs.
Do drink heaps of water to battle drying out and cerebral pains around 5 liters of liquid for each day.
Do expend a lot of starches to decrease weariness and forestall low glucose levels.
Do carry convenient oxygen with you as it is useful in the event that you experience issues in relaxing.
Do plunge quickly to a lower height, in the event that you begin having elevation sickness indications.
On the off chance that there is any adjustment in the status of your wellbeing subsequent to having acquired Compulsory Health Certificate half a month sooner, do counsel your primary care physician before leaving on the journey.
In the event of any indications of High Altitude Sickness or some other uneasiness, promptly contact the closest clinical office situated at each 2 kms.

Don'ts for anticipation of High Altitude Illness
Try not to overlook the manifestations of high height sickness.
Try not to drink liquor, jazzed drink, or smoke.
Try not to climb any further in the event that you have elevation sickness. Rather, dive quickly to a height where you can adapt.

Try not to acknowledge everything a debilitated Yatri says since his/her judgment is hindered

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